US companies criticise Chinese regulations

A survey of over 350 US firms in China has revealed many are concerned that regulations in the country are limiting their growth. The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai’s report also found that US firms are confident about their future in China.

Chris Hogg

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The American companies who took part in the survey are optimistic about their prospects for the year ahead. After a difficult couple of years, almost two thirds said they gained market share in their China business this year. Seven out of ten expected their revenue to grow by 10% or more in 2011.

But while China has huge potential for growth, it is also a hugely difficult place to make money. They complain about the problems recruiting and retaining good staff, about local officials who favour domestic companies over their foreign competitors and about the perennial problem of how to protect their intellectual property.

The trade tensions between the two countries don’t help either. In the US, politicians complain bitterly that China doesn’t play fair when it comes to trade, keeping the value of its currency artificially low to help boost exports.

At the report’s launch in Shanghai the consensus was that China is still a risky place to try to do business, but it would be far more risky for a company to ignore China. The growing domestic market here is too valuable to global firms seeking new customers.

Chris Hogg, BBC News, Shanghai

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market share
cuota de mercado


make money
hacer negocios/ ganar plata

contratar a (empleados)

perpetuo, eterno

intellectual property
propiedad intelectual

trade tensions
tensiones en el mercado

play fair
hacer juego limpio (o en este caso no)

consenso, opinión general